So this is Over Easy Booking. My name's Tom and I run this little endeavor. It's quite simple actually; we're responsible for booking the gigs of the artists we represent. Yea ... that's pretty much it.

Why should I work with your agency?

Well, I'd say if you're a promoter and you want to work with the artists we represent, you have to. Otherwise, I'd say we're fun people who love music. I like to treat people like I want to be treated and even more so, this is punk rock. We don't need big agency politics when working in the punk rock realm. We say what we want and do our absolute best to put our bands in the best situation possible. We get to know them and talk frequently. I like to be very involved in the planning process and in some cases cross into managing territory. I'm not a manager, but I'm very hands on. If your band wants to work with someone who cares about them, maybe we're the right fit. We do not work with just anyone as some managers have learned recently. We need to be on the same page or it just will not work.

Will you book my band?

I sort of touched on this above. We, I say we because this project is growing, do not work with just anyone. The way I do this is I like to have a few phone chats about where the artist wants to go and what exactly they want/expect me to do for them. Then I prefer a face to face sitdown if possible. If we're not on the same page and they aren't feeling my ideas... we respectfully need to agree that we're not the right fit. I take this very seriously. With that being said, if you're some band and you've never been on tour... or been on two tours and are ready for the big time, please please please save me the trouble of telling you it won't work. I need to keep my roster small to keep giving the attention I want to my artists. I'll probably talk to you for awhile since I love music, but I cannot book everyone. With that being said, my eyes and ears are always open to new ideas.

I'm an agent and I want to package one of my bands with an artist you represent?

Look, I don't really care how the usual process works. Just shoot me an email and lets chat. Always open to ideas. In this economy and also with the state of punk rock today, stronger bills help everyone. Let's do it.

My band is awesome and you won't give us a shot opening up for The Queers! How come? We sleep on floors and eat shit food and are almost 30. Haven't we earned it?

I would really like to say no one has ever sent me something like this but unfortunately, I get emails like this all too often. Usually also have the comment, "if you knew what we've been throughÓ thrown in there... or my favorite, "if you would tour, you'd know how it is". Ok ... I do know how it is. Most of you who want my sympathy will NEVER get it. I did tour. I toured for a while and they were some of the best times of my life. I know what it's like to sleep on floors for years and always be broke. I know what it's like to lose good friends and destroy relationships because of the touring schedule. I know what it's like to be in a car that flips across a highway and gets hit by an oncoming car... be shipped to a hospital and told I should be dead. ALL to get up the next morning, have a band meeting about how to save the rest of the tour and keep going. Also, sidenote- keep the band together when most bands would throw in a towel after fighting about who's fault it was. I know what it's like to play sold-out shows in 400+ cap rooms as the headlining act, in my hometown AND outside my hometown. The bands that usually give me lectures seem to think I've spent all my time behind a desk, twiddling my thumbs. I know what it's like. It factors into my style of booking and how I handle the business situations with other bands and promoters. I get it. It's rough out there and gas is expensie ... but don't lecture me that it's too hard to sleep on floors and eat McDonalds twice a day. I did that for years. If your band is doing something really cool, odds are someone will turn me onto it before you even email me. I always do my research.

Do you prefer phone or email?

This depends. Email is quick and keeps everything recorded so I can reference it. One thing I must say is if I don't know you at all, please do NOT cold call me. Obviously, if a promoter or one of my artists gives you my number and says call Tom, that's a different story. I'm talking about people who just pick up the phone and call looking for representation or want pricing details. I'm asking you nicely to email me first.