..:: 12.31.2015 ::..

On the last day of 2015. I'm happy to say, MxPx + Five Iron Frenzy will play two sold out shows in TX to start 2016. 

..:: 12.30.2015 ::..

Today marks my last day with the Queers after the last 4 years and 8 months. This one is from DC last night, but we're sold out tonight in Brooklyn. Ending on the best note. I love it all!

..:: 12.15.2015 ::..

This is happening. In London.

..:: 11.22.2015 ::..

Queers in Denver- Gothic Theatre last night:

Five Iron Frenzy in Boston last night. I'm really happy I started working with these guys and gal.

..:: 11.21.2015 ::..

Been doing this for just about five years, and MxPx in Paris last night is top 3 moments for sure. Can't believe they pulled it off. Heavy week, makes you think about why you do all this. 

..:: 11.12.2015 ::..

MxPx in Budapest last night- wow.

..:: 9.16.2015 ::..

Learn something new everyday- never thought this many people would show up in Raleigh. The Queers / Nobodys:

..:: 9.13.2015 ::..

MxPx back in their small hometown of Bremerton, WA- no complaints.

..:: 8.12.2015 ::..

Ending the Weasel year right. Never gets old.


So Cal

..:: 7.26.2015 ::..

Two sold out shows at The Observatory. And a live record/film on the way from them.

..:: 6.15.2015 ::..

My oh my were the Weasel shows last weekend fantastic. Sent them to Portland and Vancouver for the first time ever in their 29 year history. MxPx and The Piniellas as support...  here's a couple good crowd shots the guys sent my way.



..:: 4.17.2015 ::..
Aaaaand we're at it again. These two shows will be the only California shows with this package. Oh, and these two shows will be filmed. Details on that TBA later. Tickets on sale now.

..:: 3.4.2015 ::..
So now that the MxPx and Five Iron Frenzy shows in Seattle and Denver are both sold out with a little over a week to go, it seemed like a good time to announce these these two shows.... tix on sale this Friday! 

..:: 2.13.2015 ::..
It's official, I am now representing The Mr. T Experience moving forward. Really excited to announce these three shows- the first two alongside The Queers, The Bombpops, and The Piniellas... perhaps there will be more MTX shows in the future... Cool write up from For The Love of Punk here.

..:: 1.7.2015 ::..
So we just announced these two dates with this package yesterday and the tickets are selling like hot fries. These shows will both sell out. Don't sleep on them!

..:: 1.1.2015 ::..
I've just added Five Iron Frenzy to my roster. Looking over my roster this morning, what year is it again? Got some really cool plans in the works for these guys and gal though. Watch out.

..:: 10.18.2013 ::..
MxPx -- officially doing shows again. This is the first of many.

..:: 8.1.2013 ::..
The Atom Age have joined some dates on The Dwarves and The Queers tour. Also, they're headed for Europe for the first time in October 2013.

..:: 7.29.2013 ::..
Hey everyone, proud to announce I will now be representing MXPX from here on out. Dates coming very soon. Thanks!

..:: 6.18.2013 ::..
Round two with Teenage Bottleocket!

..:: 6.17.2013 ::..
Here's an awesome shot of Screeching Weasel a couple nights ago in NYC

..:: 3.26.2013 ::..
On August 17th Screeching Weasel returns to Southern California for the second year in a row, this time with the Dwarves, Angry Samoans and the Bugs at the Observatory in Orange County! Ben Weasel, Blag Dahlia, Metal Mike and Dangerous Dave all in the same room - that's enough style, fine looks, and sheer unadulterated talent to stop a charging rhino, sportsfans. Be there or be hopelessly, shamefully square!

..:: 1.29.2013 ::..
Here we go, NYC mofos! Screeching Weasel in New York at Irving Plaza on June 15th! Tickets on sale Friday!

..:: 1.20.2013 ::..
Here are a couple cool crowd shots from The Ataris show last night in Manila, Philippines. Next stop. Singapore! They play on Tuesday Jan 22nd at The Boiler Room and then they are headed home!

..:: 12.19.2012 ::..
Yes. It's happening.

Proud to announce this. This will be a co-headlining tour. Some nights The Queers will close, some nights they won't. Don't get there too late... or just ask the promoter which is happening.

..:: 11.5.2012 ::..
Happy to announce that the Queers will be touring the US with The Manges from Italy. Tickets will be onsale for most shows on Friday from the usual venue websites.

..:: 10.9.2012 ::..
I've been fairly quiet about this in the past 36 hours. It's been quite the whirlwind for me too. Lots of calls, press, texts, emails... you name it. I've heard from everyone.

Thing is, y'all on here know me. Y'all know I don't take shit and I think it's time to say I personally and professionally 100% support The Ataris right now. Y'all also realize that had I felt Kris Roe was completely out of line I would give him hell and be the first to kick him in the nuts. I won't do that.

Now. Rob and I have talked a ton. We had a very very nice chat last night that helped me get my head straight too. I don't know him too well but I've gotten to know him enough throughout the past year. I do not challenge his character. However, there is alot to this story. Rob and I will have a few drinks (yea I'll go off the wagon...) when he gets back from the UK and I think that shows I do support Rob. However, he was wrong too. As an agent, this is my life. If you are unfit to play in ANY way... for any reason... it's insulting to me personally. I expressed this with him last night and as I know he would. He told me hug-time in the future. We're cool. I wish Patent Pending luck in the future, I really do.

This will be another fun 24 hours.

..:: 4.13.2012 ::..
Effective today, I'll be using the tom at overeasybooking.com email address for all booking inquiries. My old email will still be active, but please use the new email for any new correspondence. Also, want to officially welcome Mike Crapanzano to the Over Easy Booking team. If it weren't for Mike, this website would have taken a few more months to finish. Thanks Mike. Also thanks to our web guy Andy Wambach for being so easy going and dealing with my bs.

..:: 2.27.2012 ::..
Roster availability has been updated. Promoters get in touch.

..:: 2.13.12 ::..
Wrapping up the numbers from The Queers/Ataris/Far From Finished Tour. Twas a success to say the least. 9 sold out shows + good numbers on the others. We got something here. The bands want to do a West Coast leg now as well, we'll see if the schedule shapes up. Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.